Numbers Pro

It is a blast! One of the most challenging number puzzles you will ever play!

This dynamite game is a ticking bomb, as players race to create a sequence of 3 or more numbers that have been shuffled out of order. Create a correct sequence to detonate numbers and score points - only to have MORE numbers take their place. As the clock winds down, the pressure mounts. Then it’s panic time! You can hit the Panic button to bail out and load a new set of numbers; or prove to yourself, family and friends that you what it takes - a quick mind, a steady hand and nerves of steel – to solve the puzzle. Are you smart enough? Or will you hit the panic button!

Numbers Pro is one of the most entertaining, pressure-packed number puzzles you will ever play! Download and play it alone, or play against family and friends - they will love it just as much as you. Numbers Pro is one of our most popular games.


  • Speeds up your ability to perform calculations quickly
  • Builds and sharpens brain power
  • Develops concentration and focus
  • Boosts IQ scores
  • No language barrier – can be played and understood by brain power entire world
  • Fun and very addictive

Minimum requirements Android 2.2 and Adobe Air 2.6

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