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Smartgames4Smartphones™ is home to Zoki Games™ mobile apps. At Zoki Games, we create mind challenging, entertaining apps for people of all ages and skill levels. We design our games with various methods of play and game objectives that people all over the world can enjoy.

Our games are innovative, fun, and addictive. They promote creativity, reasoning and inner genius and have been picked as top apps by such companies as Motorola Mobility, Barnes & Noble Digital, AT&T, and Isabella Products to be featured on smartphones and tablets like the Xoom™, Nook Color™, and the soon to be released Fable™.

When you download and play our games you enter a labyrinth of fun and mind bending entertainment that will teach you to think different and challenge your mind. They speed up your ability to perform calculations quickly, build brain power, and are the first simple step to improving yourself from the top down. So smarten up your smartphones - your brain will thank you for it.

An entertaining and visually stunning math exercise game!

Jungle Math is loaded with the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest.

The object is to score points by combining two numbers, having the same colored background, to equal the target number before times runs out.

A fun and challenging brain game that is guaranteed to tweak your beak!

A featured app on Motorola's Xoom™ tablet

Play against the world’s top ranked tennis pros in this match and connect game.

Dedicated to Novak Djokovic - the number one ranked tennis player in the world - NovaKnight is an addictively entertaining game of strategy and logic.

The goal is to outscore your opponent by linking as many of the same tennis shapes in a row as possible. You and your opponent take turns placing tiles on the game board and whichever player can connect the most shapes, scores the most points and wins.

Ever dream of playing a singles match against your favorite tennis player? Well here’s your chance!


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